Resource Center

Finding the Resource Center

The 406 Pride Resource Center is located at 310 N. 27th St. in the North-West corner of  Billings First UCC. You can enter the resource center without going through the church through our entrance on the North-West stairwell.

The 406 Pride Resource Center is located through this North-West fire escape door. The disability accessible front doors of the church may also be used to get into the Resource Center.


Downtown parking can be challenging, but there are a number of options for Resource Center visitors. Metered parking is located on 4th Street, 3rd Street, and Broadway. There are also several downtown parking garages. We ask that visitors refrain from parking in front of the church unless they have mobility issues, these spaces need to be available for church patrons. In the evening (generally after 5:00) and on the weekends visitors may park in the US Bank parking lot behind the resource center.


Meeting Space


The 406 Pride Resource Center is available for LGBTQ+ organizations, individuals, and allies to reserve for events, meetings, and other social gatherings. Our space features a 12 foot conference table capable of seating 12 – 14 people; a unisex bathroom; a private entrance; a fridge, microwave, and coffee bar; 4 seating areas; and a smart TV with an X-Box One, a Wii, a Fire Stick, and a blu-ray DVD player.

To reserve the 406 Pride Resource Center Email: to check availability.



Nicole Goubeaux LGBTQ+ Library

The Nicole Goubeaux LGBTQ+ Library houses our collection of over 300 LGBTQ+ specific books, TV shows and movies, and music. Library material can be checked-out or enjoyed in our space. The library was made possible by funding from the Open Meadows Foundation and the donation of Nicole Goubeaux’s personal collection.

Donations are welcome and appreciated.



Parenting Resources

The 406 Pride Resource Center is here to provide information for questioning individuals and their parents. We believe that an informed, supportive family plays an instrumental role in an person’s ability to lead a happy fulfilled life. To help individuals and families create and maintain healthy supportive bonds, we provide help and guidance about the coming out process; information about how to effectively communicate, including definitions of gender identity and sexual orientation; and a support group for parents, families, and allies of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The resource center is also here to help families lead by LGBTQ+ individuals develop and maintain a strong sense of community through family friendly events, group meetings, and support networks of other community members and families.



Community & Fellowship

The 406 Pride to Resource Center provides support to people at all ages and stages of life. Come enjoy one of our many activities, attend one of the group meetings held at the center, or visit during our open hours to enjoy a book, play a board game, watch a TV show, craft, build a puzzle, or just enjoy the fellowship of others.

LGBTQ+ groups and allies are welcome to use the space to meet and/or host activities. We at 406 Pride hope that others will utilize this resource center to build community and fellowship by creating events and/or interest specific groups. If you have a group or want to start a group please contact us at