We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help accomplish our mission. If you are interested in volunteering for 406 Pride, please fill out our google form. To increase visibility for LGBTQ+ people, 406 Pride organizes a quarterly volunteering outing where we volunteer for other local organizations doing service projects in Eastern Montana. Come join us  and help 406 Pride give back to the community.

Upcoming Events

We are looking for organizations to partner with for future volunteer outings. If you have an volunteer opportunity, please email it to 406pride@gmail.com.

Past Events

On Saturday, June 9, 2018 eight 406 Pride volunteers worked with the Botanical Society of ZooMontana to prepare several planting beds for the growing season. The Botanical Society was prepping one bed for a new crevice garden by the small kid’s playground (click to learn more about crevice gardens).

Left to Right: Donna, Shauna, Theresa, Grayson, Tara, and Stephanie at the site of ZooMontana’s new crevice garden.
Left to Right: Unnamed Botanical Society Member, Donna, Lesli, Grayson, and Shauna.
Left to Right: James Vilai and Aden Goubeaux.